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Archery Can Help Heal Autism
Hunters and Shooters Building Bridges with Hollywood (on NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum)
Starting New Ground: The First Annual Hollywood Celebrity Archery Shoot (on The Archery Wire)
Putting Some Conservation Things Into Perspective
1st Annual Hollywood Celebrity Archery Shoot To Benefit The National Archery In The Schools Program
A Warden's Worrisome Story
Just The Facts: and Some Good Eco-News
Building Bridges Between Hollywood and Archery
Surviving Mass Attacks: Advice from Dr. Gary Jackson
Archery, R3 and Hollywood
Peaceful Arms: Minding The Values of Sport Shooting
Building Some Bridges
Coping With Toxic Smoke and Soot From Wildlands Fires
The Spirit of the Hunt -4 – Thanksgiving
The Spirit of the Hunt Part Three: for The Hunt
Spirit of the Hunt #2 -- Christianity and Hunting
The Spirit of the Hunt -- Part 1 -- Traditional and Eastern Religions
Finally! A Hunter Hero on The Big Screen
Does Violence Again Threaten California’s Northern Wildlands? (on The Crime Report)
Douglas Fir Summer?
When Hunting's Gunfire Becomes a Dinner Bell
Falconry Brings the Hunting Heritage to Mainstream Films (on NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum)
What Can We, As Outdoorsmen and Women, Do About Domestic Violence: Part 1
What Can We, As Outdoorsmen and Women, Do About Domestic Violence: Part 2
Tuskgate? And The Business of Selling The Hunt
Happy St. Hubert's Day
Shooting Down Negative Sport Shooting Stereotypes
Some Good Environmental News for a Change
Something Fishy Is Going On Petaluma
Thin Green Line: The Heroic Work of Game Wardens (Page 34 of Fall 2016 PDF issue of American Forests Magazine)
Earth Day 2017: Time to Celebrate Good Work
Falconry Films Champion Hunting
Oregon Schools Want to Send All Their Kids Camping In The Wildlands
Thin Green Line Needs Your Help
Minding Hunters and Hunting
Hunting for Hunter Heroes on the Big Screen
What Diet Really Makes You Healthy?
Uneasy Neighbors – Wolves and People
Managing Wolves Is Managing People
Kids and Clays: Some Good News About Gun Owners
Using the Drought to Conserve Water
Evolution of a Major Outdoor Expo: Interview with John Kirk, Director, International Sportsman's Expositions
Strategies to Help Support State Game Wardens
Bull's Eyes - The National Archery in the Schools Program
If You Meet a Game Warden In The Woods
Screening the Outdoors – feature films and outdoor recreation
What Oregon Is Doing About Declining Fishing and Hunting