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Wild Justice on the National Geographic Channel.
(James is a co-executive producer for the show.)

Check out his production company, SNOW GOOSE PRODUCTIONS...

...and their feature documentary Endangered Species: California Fish and Game Wardens,
which inspired the creation of the National Geographic reality show "Wild Justice".

Watch him play "The Old Man" in the short film "The Old Man and The Taily-po".

LD-50, an environmental techno-thriller novel featuring US Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent Moses Molson; who uses a unique cross-cultural blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to solve wildlife crimes.
- available now on Smashwords.com and Amazon Kindle Bookstore.

James A. Swan
As a writer, producer and performer, James has sought to use mass media to promote conservation of natural resources, support law enforcement, educate about health, and provide entertainment to nourish the soul .
For contact info, go to Snow Goose Productions