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Bound To The Earth

by Roberta Swan and James Swan

Avon Books, 1994
Forest Publications, 1997 (Japanese translation, called "Designing With Nature's Wisdom").
iuniverse.com, 2000
$20.95, 166 pages ISBN 0-595-00735-X
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Bound To The Earth Bound To The Earth (Japan)
BOUND TO THE EARTH explores past and present strategies to create ecological sustainability and provides a model for re-orienting our models of thinking, based on principles of biological ecology, as a prescription for bringing modern society into harmony with nature. After learning to "think like a tree," the book then looks at some possible future scenarios where pioneering individuals take some innovative steps toward ecological thinking and what results these choices may bring. This is a book about to think about ecological balance and planning for a sustainable future filled with suggestions about how to make it happen.
"...useful and informative. New insightful approaches to solving the environmental problems we now face." Kathleen McGinty, Director, White House Office of Environmental Policy
"I don't usually say this, but buy this book!" Leslie Baer Brown, Earthwatch, NPR
"...(the authors) seem to have a special affinity with nature and present ideas in a clear and sympathetic way." University of Michigan Alumnus