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Sacred Places:
How The Living Earth Seeks Our Friendship

by James A. Swan

Bear and Co., 1990
Shunju-Sha, 1996 [Japan]
Inner Tradtions, 2000
238 pages $12.95 ISBN 0-939680-66-1
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Sacred Places Sacred Places (Japan)

SACRED PLACES bridges cultures and disciplines to show why certain places such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Lourdes and Delphi are unique and how modern science and land planning can allow for the existence of special places. This book has been used to develop several segments of the Paramount Pictures "Sightings" television series, "Ancient Mysteries" with Leonard Nimoy, and a Learning Channel Special on sacred places. Foreword by James Lovelock, developer of the Gaia Hypothesis. The classification systems of sacred places and the scientific arguments on their behalf have been used around the world to identify and preserve special places of power and beauty.

Book of the Month Club selection -- 1997.

"Dr. Swan understands the American Indian mind better than any white man that I know. His understanding extends to all cultures that have a special feeling for our Mother Earth and all of her children. Recommended reading for people everywhere." William Fields, Cherokee, retired Director of Indian Affairs, US National Park Service

"The work of Jim Swan serves as an expansive guide to help us appreciate the value of the environment. He shows us how the wisdom of the past may help us create the future we want." Jean-Michel Cousteau

"Jim Swan is a bridge builder, spanning the chasm between the earth-touching spirituality of native peoples and a modern society that tries to pick up everything with the tweezers of rationalism. His ground-breaking SACRED PLACES reveals the power spots on the planet where the two may learn to meet." Pat Stone, Mother Earth News

"A wonderful book for our times." Paul Horn, recording artist, musician