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The Power of Place

by James A. Swan

Quest Books, 1991
Gateway, 1994 [Europe]
Silk Road, 1997 [Thailand]
384 pages $14.95 ISBN 0-8356-0670-8
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The Power Of Place

Each place has its own unique quality. We all know this, but little is understood about why places are special. In this anthology, 26 presentations are drawn from the five year Spirit of Place symposium series held in the US and Japan between 1988 and 1993, yielding many important perspectives on the power of place.

"Jim Swan continues his expert efforts to educate us about our relationship with the earth." Marilyn Christiano, Editor Voice of America

"A superior anthology of articles. ...An intelligent, lucid excursion into the power of heart and mind, soul and place." The Book Reader

"It's exciting, beautifully produced, highly intelligent, and fun. A superior work." Joseph Terrano, Friend's Review